Winter in India is a fascinating experience. It is that time of the year when you must go on a vacation with your travel buddies or with your families. Though the Indian sub-continent has a brief period of time when we can feel the bliss of the cold, winter in here is amazing. This winter, make sure you travel to these places at least once in order to enjoy this fun-filled time of the year to the fullest.

Many festivals take place in India during winter. Especially if you are a mountain lover and have special weakness for the colorful festivals that take place in the monasteries of hills during winter, North-Eastern India could be the best place for you. Here we are going to place five amazing places that are a must visit for you in India with the onset of winter. Keep reading.


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Enjoy the blissful, comfortable temperature of Lakshadweep in winter. During winter, the weather remains very pleasant and what is even better, you wouldn’t mind indulging in water sports and various beach games while at the same time getting a suntan! This place is something that will give you a tranquil vibe amongst the white sandy beach. The picturesque beauty of Lakshadweep is something you shouldn’t miss during winter.



One of the most sought after tourist destinations of India during winter, Shimla offers you a myriad of happy and pleasant things to explore and enjoy. Experience the bone-chilling temperature, watch the sun rising from behind the snow-capped mountains and take a simple stroll around the famous Shimla mal. This beautiful city along with the heritage buildings, churches and museums are a must visit for you. Also, don’t forget to listen to local people playing guitar at the random coffee shops! This can well be a unique experience for you, right?



Don’t miss out Gulmarg in winter for anything! This gorgeous city becomes a delight for the tourists during winter. With the onset of cold season, the whole of Gulmarg becomes blanketed with a thick layer of snow. And thus, you can take part in skiing, one of the prime winter outdoor adventure sports for this town. Do visit this place and experience the Asia’s largest cable car project called Gulmarg Gondola. Enjoy the fun of staying at a snow-clad city during winter. Really paradise on earth!



Come to Darjeeling this winter. One of the oldest hill stations that was made by the erstwhile British rulers of India, the city of Darjeeling becomes most vibrant and colorful during winter. The coffee shops, the Happy Valley Tea Estate, various sunrise and sunset points and the city itself are a must visit during winter. If you want, you can also head out for Rumtek Monastery that is near Darjeeling. Don’t miss out the winter festival that takes place in this monastery. Taking a simple stroll at the Darjeeling Mal or experiencing the solitude of this tranquil city during winter is something you must enjoy at least once!



Murudeswar is a small temple town located on the western coast in the state of Maharashtra. What makes this city one of the prime winter destinations of India is the scuba diving. The scuba diving in this city starts from the month of December. Do explore this spine chilling adventure sport and experience the life under the sea. This is going to be a lifetime experience for you, that’s for sure! Also, don’t forget to visit the second highest Shiva statue of the world which is located at this temple city! Though still an offbeat tourist location, Murudeshwar does surely have enough arrangements to make you feel lively during winter!

Winter is that time of the year when we all crave for holidays and festivals. The upcoming Christmas and many more holidays are times you must not waste sitting at your home. Do explore the corners of India during the winter season and make the most of it. Many prefer to go to states like Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Kashmir and Kerala. The best places to visit in winter are of course the mountains and the quiet, little towns! Have an amazing winter vacation ahead!