Popular of maple leaf and myriad opportunities it creates for immigrants, Canada sure is so much more than just that. A country of Franco – British heritage, Canada is the second largest country in the world, second to Russia and has many pristine landscapes waiting for the travel junkie that resides in you! So what are you waiting for? Book cheap flight and Travel to Canada and experience the various popular cities as well as the wilderness of Canadian homeland.

Cities to visit in Canada:

  1. Toronto

    One of the most cosmopolitan, multicultural cities in the world, this Canadian city has a lot more to offer to the tourist than its high rises and downtown views. Toronto has the usual plethora of beer places, eateries, tall towers, museums and zoos but also has Toronto Islands, St. Lawrence Market, Harbourfront Centre and many other appealing tourist destinations right in the city. Even a castle resides within city limits – the Casa Loma! What more do you ask of a splendid city?

  2. Montreal

    For a glimpse of how the old and the new worlds fuse seamlessly, one must visit Montreal. From traditional cafes and cobbles streets to high-tech elevator driven underground cities and bustling downtown experiences, Montreal offers everything. A multifaceted city all in all, French is the most common language spoken, and it might be somewhat a challenge to find English speakers. All variety of food is available right from traditional French to Thai, Mexican and Indian as well!

  3. Vancouver

    What more do you need in a city if it has both, mountains to ski on, and beaches to lounge around on? Vancouver is relatively a younger city than others, but it is very attractive for the tourists as there is a lot to do in Vancouver. Be it museums, adventure sports, or family friendly destinations like Capilano Suspension Bridge, it is a traveler’s delight. It is also a hockey-loving city – so sports lovers will find like-minded people here. Granville Island is the paradise for a food lover. Vancouver is calling out to you!

  4. Calgary

    Keep the entire family entertained and enjoying in Calgary. There are zoos, science parks, historical parks or towers – Calgary is the upcoming tourist attraction in Canada. Bike rentals, music centers, and Fort Calgary – all are tailored according to the entertainment of the entire family. This makes this city unique. Everyone has a good time in Calgary. In the Bow Habitat Center, enjoy a glimpse into Alberta’s aquatic and wildlife biodiversity. There is also a specific space museum called the aerospace museum of Calgary, which will interest the young astronauts and space enthusiasts. All in all, if your tastes are peculiar, you will enjoy Calgary with all your loved ones.

  5. Ottawa

    Ottawa jazz festival
    Culturally a rich city, Ottawa is replete with activities so myriad, your experience will be enriching! From canal boat rides to outdoor adventure opportunities and from many festivals including jazz festival and ski festival (Winterlude) to multicultural outing opportunities in and around the city, you will enjoy the sheer amount of variety and diversity of the to-dos in Ottawa. The museums will also attract the travelers. Ottawa is a must visit destination in Canada.

Canada has so much geographical diversity that it comes up with entertainment and travel goal solution for everyone! In the year 2012, an approximate of 16 million travelers experienced Canada. There are also 17 world heritage sites in this country, making it ideal for the enthusiasts of natural history and world history. One can also attempt backpacking in Canada, to make the vacation experience more authentic as a traveler, not just a tourist. Canada is safe and diverse, another feather in the cap of this destination.

Travelers commuting from 23 nations are exempted from visa procurement, and the rest have to obtain a temporary resident visa issues by the Canadian government. It is a simple process and should not deter you from your travel plans to Canada!

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags for this amazing destination Canada, one of the world’s richest countries famous for its expansive untouched landscape, an exceptional blend of history and culture, is waiting to welcome you to come and explore the country and its awe-inspiring destinations! Book your cheap travel from Toronto flight network. Have a great trip!